End your battle with chronic Peripheral Neuropathy.

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Did you know there is now a solution for treating chronic Peripheral Neuropathy?  

Are you suffering from the debilitating pain of chronic Peripheral Neuropathy? Tried everything but still the numbness, the pins and needles, the stabbing and intense burning remains?  Is chronic Neuropathic Pain destroying your quality of life? 

You don’t need to suffer any longer. Welcome to The Nerve Pain Clinic, we are the experts in rapid pain relief and have experienced great success using a revolutionary method called Ozone Regenerative Therapy.  

Ozone Therapy is a powerful anti-inflammatory and stem cell renewal treatment that simultaneously relieves your pain and regenerates damaged tissue at a cellular level. What this means for you is fast, safe and powerful pain relief.

The Nerve Pain Clinic are pioneers of Ozone Therapy in Australia. However we are not the only ones using this incredible technology. Leading clinics throughout the world rely on Ozone Therapy to treat chronic cases or Peripheral Neuropathy. 

 All new patients are offered a Free Initial Consultation where we assess your level of Neuropathic damage and will advise if you are a candidate for Ozone Regenerative Therapy. We recommend bringing your most recent MRI or CT Scans to this appointment.  For the right candidate, the results have been nothing short of a miracle. 

Call our Clinic today on (02) 8607 5052 and learn how we can help you re-discover a life free from Neuropathic pain. We look forward to helping you back on your feet.

peter.tEnd your battle with chronic Peripheral Neuropathy.

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