Does an Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Nerve Pain Work?

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Do you Suffer from Chronic Pain?

Well, according to the experts, changing your diet you change the way you live. Choosing an anti-inflammatory diet for nerve pain will improve your quality of life dramatically.

Vegetables need to become part of your daily life! People who mainly follow a Mediterranean diet, and those who are vegan have reported drastic changes regarding their symptoms. Regular exercise, a good diet and lower stress levels combined is reported to reduce pain.

A person’s diet should become part of their daily lives if they wish to manage their pain, especially as one grows older. Following a vegan, Mediterranean diet or simply a healthier eating plan can control cholesterol and insulin levels.

The Body Responds to Toxins by Causing Painful Inflammation

The human body is always trying to purify itself and the way that it responds to toxins is by causing inflammation. This does not only cause pain, but it can lead to the onset of other problems such as; diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s and heart disease

There are a number of ways to sort out chronic pain. One of the best ways is by adjusting your diet to and anti-inflammatory diet. A medical approach does not always work and can result in side effects that are not desirable.

Most times, an anti-inflammatory diet will get rid of those nasty side effects and control the pain as well. Some medicines actually cause people to suffer from memory loss, fogginess and sleepiness, which is not very pleasant at all. Combining diet, pain management and osteopathic therapy can only be beneficial to people who suffer from chronic nerve pain.

The Basics of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Nerve Pain

Anyone who suffers from chronic pain needs to make the following dietary adjustments, with the assistance of a physician of course.

Rainbow Foods

It is recommended that sufferers eat at least 8-9 servings of vegetables per day. You can have fruit instead of vegetables, but only about 3-4 servings daily. Cabbage, broccoli and other crusiferous vegetables are the best.

Limit Grains and Dairy

Limit the amount of dairy products that you consume. Choose grains that are low in refined sugar and try to avoid simple carbs. Rather choose quinoa, barley, rye, wheat and oats.    

Stay Away from Red Meat

If at all possible, you should completely cut red meat out of your diet. Only have red meat when there are special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. Chicken and fish should be making up 90% of your meat intake.    

Reducing and managing pain is possible with the correct diet. It is not about the individual foods, but the entire diet, getting enough exercise and trying to keep your stress levels as low as possible.

There are unfortunately no magic cure for chronic pain, but it is 100% possible to mange the symptoms if the diet is followed correctly. Cut out dairy, sugar, flour and red meat and you are sure to notice a difference within a short period of time – you have nothing to loose.

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