Natural Nerve Pain Releif Methods

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Nerve pain or neuropathic pain as it is referred to by medical professionals, is a result of nerve damage, which can be caused by injuries, medical conditions such as diabetes and the side effects of drugs. Nerve damage can also result from chemical treatments such as chemotherapy.  

Living with nerve damage is uncomfortable, to say the least. The condition may be temporary for some people, while it may be permanent and degenerative for others. Pain killers seem to provide relief for most people, however, it is just short term relief from pain caused by nerve damage. More than half the people suffering from nerve damage have admitted to seeking alternative treatment options. Often, natural nerve pain relief methods are the best and most effective.

Natural Nerve Pain Relief Methods

1. Many nerve pain sufferers have admitted that a soak in a warm bath is very effective in relieving nerve pain. The warm water temporarily increases the blood flow to the legs and helps to ease stress as well. Just remember to check the temperature of the water by dipping your elbow in first.

2. Nerve pain has a tendency to worsen at night and disrupt sleep. Try to avoid this by adopting good sleep habits. Get the required 8 hours of sleep and reserve the bedroom for sleeping and intimate time with your partner only.

3. It is believed that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties since it contains phytochemicals. Although more research is needed, doctors say that taking ginger in small doses is safe.

4. Devils Claw is a South African herb that has been scientifically proven to help with arthritis and lower back pain. Side effects are very rare, especially if taken short term, at a therapeutic dose.

5. Turmeric spice has been used to treat heartburn, arthritis and reduce pain and inflammation. It’s not entirely clear how turmeric works, however it is believed to contain a key ingredient called curcumin, which is believed about relief from nerve pain.

6. FeverFew has been used for years to treat headaches, toothaches and stomach aches. It is also used now days to treat arthritis and migraines. Although more research is needed to prove just how effective FeverFew is, there have been no serious side effects reported after using it.

There are a few other herbal remedies that recommended by the American Pain Foundation such as Kava Kava and St. Johns Wort. Both are recommended for neurophatic pain.

It should also be noted that herbal using herbal therapies to manage pain has not be extensively studied. So you should always proceed with caution when using them. Since the efficacy of these herbal remedies for nerve pain are still being thoroughly researched, you should consult with a medical professional prior to using these as pain management treatments. Taking over the counter medication may become addictive and has many side effects. They also only provide short term relief from pain. If you want to explore more natural nerve pain relief methods, consider trying herbal remedies.

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