Best Natural Nerve Pain Relief Methods

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Many people live with nerve pain from injuries, diabetes, surgery or many other causes. Your physician can help you identify and treat nerve pain with the most advanced therapies. But there are plenty of natural nerve pain releif methods. The first step is to understand the cause of nerve pain.

What Causes Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain comes from damage to the nerves most commonly caused by injuries, diabetes, chemotherapy or side effects from drugs. When the nerves are damaged, they are more likely to misfire and send pain signal when there is no cause for pain. There is still ongoing research on all the causes of nerve pain, but researchers have identified several ways nerves can misfire that has led to different treatment methods.

Keep Your Blood Sugar Level in Check

If you have nerve pain resulting from diabetes, you can turn things around and get things back to normal by keeping your blood sugar under control. Keeping your blood sugar levels in check can work wonders in helping to relieve neuropathic pain.


Exercise releases natural painkillers referred to as endorphins. Regular exercise also promotes the flow of blood to the nerves in the legs and feet. Research findings show that regularly exercising may create a long lasting expansion in blood vessels in the feet. This has the beneficial effects of nourishing damaged nerves back to good health. You can simply start with a short morning walk and gradually increase distance and pace.

Drink Enough Water

Water constitutes the largest percentage of human body mass and dehydration can trigger the inflammation process. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

Green Juicing

Green Juicing will help to get your inflamed nerves back in shape by stopping the cycle of chronic inflammation. Juicing celery, broccoli, spinach, kale, cucumbers, parsley and other greens will steer you in the right direction. Try to stay away from nerve pain triggers such as artificial colors and flavors, fast foods, sweets, corn oils, and processed foods.

Soak In a Warm Bath

A long soak in a warm bath has plenty of benefits. The warm water eases tension and relaxes your body by reducing stress. The warm water also increases blood flow in the body and helps to heal the nerves. Always check the water temperature with your arm to avoid burns.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Binge drinking is toxic to nerves and can even worsen neuropathic pain. There is no precise number for drinks you can have to avoid nerve pain as everyone has a different physique. Some experts advice four drinks or less per week. However, it’s all about keeping alcohol use to the minimum.

Omega 3 Oils

Omega 3 oils are great anti-inflammatories that will start the healing process and help to sooth away inflammation.

Get Enough Sleep

Nerve pain is known to worsen at night, making it harder to cope with pain and disrupting sleep altogether. Exercise good sleep habits to break the cycle. Keep a consistent bedtime that allows for enough hours of sleep.

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