Helen suffered from severe Sciatica Pain, this is her story…

Helen is a 60-year-old wife, mum, grandmother, small business partner, dog walker, chief household manager and passionate cook. A long-time sufferer of chronic back problems, Helen is no stranger to pain, and like so many busy women tends to “just get on with it”. An onset of Sciatica Nerve Pain, however, left her in severe and debilitating pain.

As we all know, Sciatica Nerve Pain is no ordinary pain. 

Even the most simple of daily tasks, like getting dressed in the morning, became a major challenge for Helen. Severe Sciatic Nerve Pain has left Helen in a fog of pain, depressed and afraid for her future, and constantly wondering “What if this is it? How can I possibly help my family if I can’t even get out of bed in the morning? Are my best years behind me already?”

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The problem with Nerve Pain Medications.

Helen’s GP is sympathetic and suggests some stronger pain medication. The drugs provide instant relief, but leave her feeling tired and foggy. By this point, the Sciatica Nerve Pain has become unbearable, with the pain medication providing just enough relief to get through another day. Having always enjoyed a healthy lifestyle, Helen knows pain medication is not an ideal long-term solution. Desperate for more options, she begins to look at alternative treatments.

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A long-term solution to Sciatica Pain – that doesn’t involve surgery?

Helen tries a few different therapies, including osteopathy and acupuncture. Unfortunately, after an initial stage of relief nothing seems to work to ease her increasingly hard-to-manage Nerve Pain. Feeling frustrated by her lack of progress – and desperately wanting to get her old life back – Helen makes plans to meet with a specialist to discuss surgery as an option. However, prior to the meeting, she starts to do some research – and grows concerned about the risks, additional downtime and costs involved. Not prepared to accept surgery as a final resort just yet, she discovers a new treatment being offered by The Nerve Pain Clinic.  She decides to call and book in her free initial consultation and find out what they can do for her.

The Nerve Pain Clinic is different. Helen found they treated the pain and the underlying cause. 

The clinicians at The Nerve Pain Clinic are experts in treating Sciatic Nerve Pain and offer Helen some interesting new insights into her condition. They walk Helen through the cause of her pain, as well as the reasons previous treatments may not have worked. The Nerve Pain Clinic operates differently to other treatments – they not only treat the pain, but also the underlying cause of the problem.  

The clinicians take a balanced holistic approach to treatment. First, they gently re-balance the body, relieving pressure on the damaged nerve. Then, they use Ozone Regenerative Therapy to repair and regenerate the painful, inflamed tissue at a cellular level. What this means for Helen is a longer lasting solution, not quick fix.  

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At last – a Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment that really works. 

After the very first treatment Helen feels a significant decrease in her Sciatic nerve pain. Feeling cautiously optimistic she rebooks the following week for the recommended 2nd treatment and is amazed at the difference. The Clinicians offer a free monthly checkup service so Helen can stay on top of her body’s requirements and make sure she doesn’t fall into the cycle of severe sciatic nerve pain again. 

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to reclaim your life. Call today on (02) 8607 5052 and book your Free Initial Consultation.

peter.tHelens’ Journey with Sciatica Pain