Adopting An Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Nerve Pain Relief

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Unfortunately, millions of people worldwide suffer from chronic nerve pain. A variety of disorders and syndromes can cause such pain. Most people find that relief is difficult to come by, despite their best efforts. Not all forms of chronic pain feature a solution through medication or surgery. In some cases, an individual may experience little to no relief from the pain through traditional means. More and more evidence continues to suggest that an anti-inflammatory diet for nerve pain can help.

How Diet Affects Nerve Pain and Inflammation

It’s common knowledge that certain foods and substances cause inflammation in the body. In reality, such foods can contribute to nerve pain under the right circumstances. The opposite is true of some foods in that they have anti-inflammatory properties. A poor diet can make chronic pain far worse, while the right diet can make things much better. For that reason, individuals with chronic pain symptoms should consider a change in diet for pain relief that helps moving forward.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: A Difference Maker

Adopting a diet with a focus on anti-inflammation can improve a patient’s quality of life. Luckily, each and every person with nerve pains is capable of making this life-changing decision. These diets feature a lot of raw foods and foods proven to fight against inflammation. A focus on limiting inflammatory foods is important here, too. With certain changes, patients may find relief that no surgery or medication has provided so far. The impact on chronic aches and pains is sometimes incredible.

What To Focus On When Crafting A Diet Plan

For anti-inflammatory diets, certain foods should be embraced and others shunned whenever possible. Artificial sweeteners need to be considered off limits at all times. The same applies to a number of preservatives. Excess sodium and added sugars should be evicted from one’s diet as soon as possible. Also, it doesn’t hurt to cut back on animal protein, especially red meat. A given person shouldn’t eat processed foods with any frequency, which is true of most healthy diet plans anyways. 

Patients with nerve disorders and syndromes can benefit from eating raw fruits and vegetables. Likewise, sources of protein should be consumed raw, if at all possible. Individuals must embrace foods that are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, or Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Some foods have a reputation for holding anti-inflammatory properties. If research backs up such claims or notions, then a person shouldn’t hesitate to start eating them.

Can Such Diets Really Fight Chronic Pain?

Surprisingly enough, the right diet may fight inflammation associated with chronic pain. Cutting back on inflammatory foods makes an immediate impact. A move toward anti-inflammatory foods has shown unparalleled results in managing pain long-term. No individual should assume that their pain is 100% untreatable. In the end, relief is available for many patients with a dramatic change in diet. Results aren’t guaranteed, but anecdotal and increasing scientific evidence says diet can fight nerve pain.

In the end, healthier diets improve quality of life in countless other manners.

peter.tAdopting An Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Nerve Pain Relief
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How an Anti-inflammatory Diet Can Help with Sciatica and Back Pain

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According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), sciatica is a condition that affects the sciatic nerve – the largest nerve in the body that controls muscles in the lower leg, back of the knee, sole of the foot and back of the thigh. People suffering from sciatica pain may experience numbness, pain, or tingling in their legs, as well as pain radiating from the lower back that extends to the calves, soles of the feet and toes. Luckily, an anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce sciatica and back pain symptoms. Here is how an anti-inflammatory diet can help with sciatica and back pain:

1. Weight loss

According to the University of Washington’s Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine clinic, weight loss is an effective way of managing back and sciatic pain symptoms. This is because sciatica and back pain can result from narrowing of the spinal canal, which in turn puts pressure on the spinal stenosis nerve. In addition, overweight and obese people are more likely to develop injuries around the pelvis or rapture their intervertebral disks. As such, shedding excess weight reduces the risk of experiencing/developing these problems.

2. Balanced diet with anti-inflammatory foods

Eating a balanced diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods could help you ease sciatic and back pain. It is worth noting that the body produces prostaglandins (hormones that influence inflammation) from fatty acids. Nevertheless, not all prostaglandins are bad because some enhance inflammation while others inhibit the same process. With this in mind, you should eat foods that can help inhibit the inflammation process, especially fiber-rich foods, vegetables and fruits. Fiber-rich foods lower C-reactive protein (CRP) levels in the blood. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that CRP is an inflammation indicator. CRP is found in carrots, peppers, Bing cherries, and soybeans. Fruits and vegetables like spinach, kales, avocado, strawberries, broccoli, and blueberries also play an important role in helping the body fight inflammation. Consume at least 1 1/2 -2 cups of fruit and 2-3 cups of vegetables per meal.

You should also eat about 3 to 4 ounces of fish bi-weekly because they contain omega-3 fatty acids, which fight inflammation by lowering levels of inteleukin-6 and CRP hormones. Alternatively, take fish oil supplements. If you can, use turmeric, garlic, and ginger while cooking to benefit from their anti-inflammatory properties. In particular, turmeric has selective COX-2 inhibitor properties making it an ideal anti-inflammatory food additive. At the same time, you should avoid foods that contain refined carbohydrates (white bread and pasta), red meat, margarine, French fries, animal products (expect eggs and fatty fish), and sugary beverages because they aid inflammation according to the Harvard Medical School.


Sciatic and back pain can lower one’s qualify of life significantly. Fortunately, the right diet can help you combat the pain associated with these two conditions. More specifically, you should adopt a diet that will help you shed excess weight in order to ease the pressure on your spine. Moreover, the diet should contain a lot of fruits, vegetables, fatty fish and fiber-rich foods. Good examples of such foods include salmon, tuna, tomatoes, spinach, kale, nuts and strawberries.

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How to Improve Nerve Pain Naturally

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Many people want to know how to improve nerve pain naturally due to the fact that they do not wish to take over the counter medications or prescription drugs. Often, these types of remedies can be dangerous to one’s overall health and may have several harmful side effects. Natural treatment options are safer and can be very effective.

Green Juicing

Green juicing is one of the most effective an important natural remedies for nerve pain. Inflammation increases nerve pain and helps cleanse the body of toxins. Green juicing can help eliminate inflammation and has been known to help alleviate nerve pain. Some of the best green vegetables to juice include kale, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, parsley and spinach.

Change Diet

Certain foods are toxic to the body and can worsen nerve pain. Staying away from sweets, fast foods, white bread, corn oil and processed foods is highly advised. Also, it is a good idea to avoid foods that contain artificial colors and flavors. In addition, reducing or eliminating caffeine from the diet would be very beneficial. Eating healthier foods will help to greatly decrease nerve pain. 

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will also help alleviate nerve pain. Water keeps the body hydrated and will help stop inflammation. Pure water is best and tea, soda and coffee should be limited or avoided because beverages with artificial sweeteners and with caffeine dehydrate the body. 

Reduce Inflammation

Herbs will also help decrease inflammation and will help relax the nerves and reduce stress, which aggravates the nerves. Turmeric is one of the best herbs to take and will help reduce inflammation and stop nerve pain. Other herbs such as St. John’s Wort, Valerian, Skullcap and Black Kohash will also help reduce inflammation and calm nerve pain.

Omega 3 Oils

Omega 3 oils are anti-inflammatory and will help to lessen nerve pain and inflammation. Salmon, trout, tuna and mackerel are some of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids. It is best to eat foods rich in 3 fatty acids at least two or three times a week. Also, Omega 3 oil supplements can to be taken daily. In addition, it would be best to reduce the intake of fatty foods such as bacon, fried chicken and steak because these foods are known to increase inflammation.

Increase Exercise

Exercising will also help decrease nerve pain. Walking or swimming are both great for the entire body and will relieve nerve pain. Yoga and stretching are great ways to help lessen inflammation and pain. In addition, meditation is very calming for the mind and body. It is best to meditate for about ten to fifteen minutes in the morning and at night before going to bed.

Taking prescription medications or over the counter pain relievers to help reduce nerve pain can be very harmful to the body. There are several natural remedies that are considered safe to take and have been shown to decrease inflammation and ease nerve pain. It is important to note that speaking with a healthcare professional would be best before trying these or any other natural remedies to help improve nerve pain.

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Natural Nerve Pain Relief Methods

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Nerve pain is a problem for many people. There are many causes for the pain such as injuries to the nerve, diabetes or surgery. Doctors prescribe medications for certain types of neuropathic pain, but these drugs don’t work for everyone. Many people prefer to use natural nerve pain releif methods for their condition. Natural methods often have fewer or no side effects. The best way to know which methods works for you is by trial and error.

Drink More Water

One of the easiest things to do is to drink more water on a daily basis. The water helps reduce the inflammation that causes nerve pain.

Exercise Regularly

Research shows that exercise is a good way to reduce nerve pain. As you exercise, your body releases endorphins which make you feel better. Another benefit of exercise is that it increases blood flow to all parts of the body, and expands the size of blood vessels which helps to heal the nerves. Walking is an excellent exercise for most people. You can then increase your pace and distance. In time you can try other forms of exercise such as a cycling, or dancing.

Improve Diet

Eating more green vegetables is important because they reduce inflammation. If you don’t get enough green vegetables, you can try green juicing. Another option is green powder supplements that you mix with water. Juicing and green powders give a tremendous boost of the essential nutrients found in green vegetables. You can also improve you nerve pain by cutting down or eliminating certain items from your diet such as alcohol, caffeine, white bread, processed foods, and junk food.

Take Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

For some people a vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies can cause nerve pain. By taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement every day, you give your body the nutrients it needs. Another benefit is that a few vitamins such as A, C, and E are antioxidants. Antioxidants are also important for reducing nerve pain. The antioxidants counteract the free radicals that damage the body.

Take Herbal Supplements

There are many herbs that treat chronic inflammation and help to reduce nerve pain. Ginger, black cohash, tumeric, vervein, St. John’s Wort, and Valerian are a few of the herbs that are effective in treating inflammation. The herbs also relax the body and help with healing the nerves. Start with only one of these herbs to see if it helps your pain. If not, then try another herb.

Soak in a Warm Bath

A long soak is beneficial in a few ways. The warm water relaxes your body by reducing stress. The water also increases blood flow to the body and helps to heal the nerves.

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing method that increases the chi or energy flow in your body. This chi helps to heal your damaged nerves.

Using natural nerve pain relief methods is an effective way to take care for body and treat your nerve pain. Although conventional medicine does help in some situations, it doesn’t help in all. Every person is different and sometimes alternative treatment methods yield better results. If you suffer from ongoing nerve pain, you should try one or more of the above methods.

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End your battle with chronic Peripheral Neuropathy.

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Did you know there is now a solution for treating chronic Peripheral Neuropathy?  

Are you suffering from the debilitating pain of chronic Peripheral Neuropathy? Tried everything but still the numbness, the pins and needles, the stabbing and intense burning remains?  Is chronic Neuropathic Pain destroying your quality of life? 

You don’t need to suffer any longer. Welcome to The Nerve Pain Clinic, we are the experts in rapid pain relief and have experienced great success using a revolutionary method called Ozone Regenerative Therapy.  

Ozone Therapy is a powerful anti-inflammatory and stem cell renewal treatment that simultaneously relieves your pain and regenerates damaged tissue at a cellular level. What this means for you is fast, safe and powerful pain relief.

The Nerve Pain Clinic are pioneers of Ozone Therapy in Australia. However we are not the only ones using this incredible technology. Leading clinics throughout the world rely on Ozone Therapy to treat chronic cases or Peripheral Neuropathy. 

 All new patients are offered a Free Initial Consultation where we assess your level of Neuropathic damage and will advise if you are a candidate for Ozone Regenerative Therapy. We recommend bringing your most recent MRI or CT Scans to this appointment.  For the right candidate, the results have been nothing short of a miracle. 

Call our Clinic today on (02) 8607 5052 and learn how we can help you re-discover a life free from Neuropathic pain. We look forward to helping you back on your feet.

peter.tEnd your battle with chronic Peripheral Neuropathy.
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Can Sciatic Nerve Pain be relieved in just one treatment?

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Complete relief from Sciatica after one treatment? Read ahead to discover how this is possible.

Welcome to the Nerve Pain Clinic.  Our experienced Clinicians use a revolutionary treatment called Ozone Regenerative Therapy. Ozone Therapy has been used extensively throughout the world over the past 100 years. The powerful effects of Ozone Therapy are proven, consistent and safe with little risk of side effects. Traditionally, Ozone Therapy was used to treat infections, wounds and fight disease. Recently, it has been discovered Ozone Therapy has the ability to activate your body’s own Stem Cells. This has provided incredible benefits for our musculoskeletal and nervous system and allows us to treat a large range of conditions including Sciatic Nerve Pain.

Extraordinary results on Sciatic Nerve Pain after a single treatment?   Hear what our patients have to say.

Would you like to know if you are a candidate for relief from your Sciatic Nerve Pain in a single treatment?  Here’s how it works:

At The Nerve Pain Clinic we take an individual and tailored approach to treating your Sciatic Nerve Pain. No two bodies are alike, and there are a number of factors that can affect your body’s response to our treatment.  Some of these factors include:

  • Underlying cause of your Sciatic Nerve Pain
  • The type of nerve pain
  • Degree of inflammation
  • Age 
  • Underlying health conditions

We have discovered, the single most important factor is the underlying cause of your nerve pain. Our approach allows us to see the big picture and understand the underlying cause of your Sciatica.  We can see the solution your body requires to address this debilitating problem and which sciatica treatment will work best for you.

Our method is not a magic wand and there are some cases where we are limited in what we can do, but in majority of cases we do help our patients and we do it fast and efficiently. If your nerve is simply pinched, not damaged and nerve pain is not caused by any problems related to degeneration, recovery can be very fast and very dramatic. Our patients tell us the change is so significant it is nothing short of a miracle! We have patients who, at their first visit, rate their Sciatica pain the highest level (10). Within 24 hours after their initial treatment report a complete 100% reduction in Sciatic Nerve Pain.   

So, with nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain, why not give us a call on (02) 8607 5052 today. 

We offer a free initial consultation to all new patients and can help identify if you are a viable candidate for our Ozone Regenerative Therapy.  During this initial consultation we will assess your case and discuss the impact a single treatment will have on your Sciatica.  We recommend bringing your most recent MRI or CT Scans so we can use our knowledge and clinical experience to understand your problem and recommend the best treatment for you.

Call today on (02) 8607 5052 and talk to one of our experienced Clinicians.  We can help you re-discover a life free from Sciatic Nerve Pain.

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